Among the most diverse places of the world, one could find themselves wondering where to start in the Mideast! With unique sights to experience, enjoy the boldness and beauty of the Mideast when you get the chance!

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See the architecture

With structures that have been built well before Greek and Roman civilization, the Mideast showcases treasures of the ancient and modern world. There are mosques that exhibit many of the architectural details we associate with the Mideast and Mediterrenean architecture today. You could find structural and ornamental lintels carved from wood, stone, or other materials, vaulted ceilings and roofs and elaborate geometric and interlacing patterns with a variety of colors.

Greek Archtecture
Deserts & deep blues

Deserts & deep blues

Though the physical geography of the Middle East & Mediterranean is varied, we can all agree that vast deserts and vibrant blue waters are common. With 80 percent of the Mideast being desertland and the Mediterranean Sea connecting oceans, straits, and seas, there is plenty to do when traveling to these regions.