Authentic Brazilian Food

Seeing as Brazil is the largest country in South America it is hard to name only a few reasons why you should want to see this beautiful country. But we are willing to give it a try. Here are a few reasons why Brazil should be on your bucket list:

See a Wonder

One of the Seven Wonders of the World that is. Perhaps one of the most easily recognizable features in Rio de Janeiro is the statue Christ the Redeemer. It’s kinda hard to miss at 98 feet tall and sitting on top of a mountain.

statue Christ
barbecued meats.

All the Food

Brazil is known for their barbecued meats. In certain restaurants called churrascarías, they will have skewers of roasted boar, beef, pork and many other specialties available to slice up for you. The real meal maker is the quantity of food; they give you a lot of meat. So if you’re starving or have a few hours to eat your way through a meal leisurely, then you should check out a steakhouse. While you’re there don’t forget to get a Caipirinha. This Brazilian signature drink is made with a liquor made from sugar cane which gives it its distinctive taste. You’ll have a hard time saying no to this drink.

Regions of fun

Because Brazil is so large, it covers a lot of different types of terrain for you to see. If you are in the mood for some sun and sand, Brazil has some of the most beautiful coastlines. From the packed beaches of Rio De Janeiro to the most secluded beaches found on the islands of Fernando de Noronha. The various cities of Brazil will have more than enough to occupy your time if you are looking for some fun. From fabulous restaurants, nightlife, beautiful culture; you may never want to leave! But if you’re going to get away from it all, you may want to check out the Amazon. This rainforest is full of life but should never be explored alone. There are plenty of guides available to show you the majesty of the Amazon.

fun playing

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