Redlands Ranch

The Redlands Ranch Market provides authentic “homemade” baked goods at a great value!

Like all departments in our store, our bakery is authentically fresh, with kindness baked into each of our goods! In fact, almost all of our desserts, pan dulces, and bread loaves are made from scratch, with time-tested recipes that maintain authenticity. 

Our team is dedicated to providing the best taste and value. Similar to our tortilleria, we’re baking all day which means that anyone can stop by at 7 a.m. for pan dulce and a cup of piping hot coffee, or come in at 7 in the evening to pick up some bolillos for dinner. Regardless of the time of day, we will always have freshly baked goods on-hand for you.

We offer a wide variety of breads from bolillos hot-out-the-oven to savory jalapeno cheese bread and delightful banana bread.

There’s no doubt that our bakery staff works hard to create the freshest options for you and your family. We’re always trying new recipes from scratch but still pride ourselves in offering your personal favorites so that you have an excellent selection available to you when you come in.

pan dulce

No Mexican bakery is complete without pan dulce

We always have fresh conchas, polvorónes, and orejas on hand–and that’s just to name a few from the list of what we offer.

Please come in and see for yourself the vast variety of deliciously sweet, flaky, and creamy options we have available today.

Pan Dulce

Redland Cake

We also specialize in cakes

Whether you need a cake for a birthday party or a wedding, we can help! We have cakes that are ready to pick up for any last-minute celebrations. We also take specialty orders. If you have a specific need or design, please speak to one of our bakers and/or cake decorators today. We love to be creative and want to fulfill whatever needs you have.

Party Packages

The one-stop shop for all your party needs

The Redlands Ranch Market is excited to announce the new arrangement of party packages for our bakery department.

If you need balloons, we’ve got it! A pinata and candy to fill inside? We’ve got those, too! Cake? Of course! You can find all your party needs and more in our new party packages. Ask an associate in the bakery department today for more information!

Party Packages