Eastern Europe

The cuisine of Eastern Europe encompasses many different countries and cultures.

Just Some Of Our Eastern European Products

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Unique climate

In Europe, there are three main climates: humid continental; semi-arid; and Mediterranean. The climate of most of Central and Eastern Europe is categorized as cool-summer humid continental–similar to the climate found in places like Maine and Michigan. There’s no doubt that Europe is a continent of wonderful climates and breath-taking scenery. With that in mind, experience  rock-climbing in the Czech Republic, hike the Seven Rila Lakes inside the Rila National Park located in Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia, climb the iconic Mount Triglav in Slovenia, visit Poland for a whopping 275 km of marked hiking trails, or check out the 500+ climbing routes in Croatia’s national park of Paklenica.

Eastern Europe
Eastren europe food


The cuisine is marked with pickled veggies, bread, red meats, and fruits–a blend of hearty peasant dishes and elegant gourmet offerings! The region’s natural resources are a huge influence on the food. With plenty of fish and seafood for surrounding seas, sausages, dairy products, mushrooms galore, a staggering variety of breads, noodles, and dumplings, and a seemingly ever-present inclusion of potatoes, cucumbers, and other garden goods.