Taste of Ecuador

When people start to make their travel bucket lists, Ecuador may not always rank very high. The truth of the matter is that in the past Ecuador was experiencing some upheaval and wasn’t always the safest country visit. Thankfully, that is all in the past, and it has become an excellent country to visit. For such a small country, Ecuador is full of interesting, adventurous and beautiful things to do. Here is a list of what we recommend doing and seeing on your next visit to this gorgeous country.


Ecuador recognizes that they have some beautiful natural sights that need to be protected, so they wrote those rights into their constitution. And with 50 different ecosystems which include tropical rainforests, Andean Mountains, forested valleys and the Galapagos, it speaks to itself about the importance of protecting that beauty. What is impressive is that all this exists in such a small country. It is around the same size as the State of Nevada. And there is adventure around every corner. Between hiking, kayaking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, and trekking through cloud forests or up volcanoes; you’ll never run out of things to see or do.

Fried guinea pig

The Food!

After a day of adventure, there is no better way to treat yourself than to partake in some delicious food. Ecuadorians create vibrant and diverse foods that pair their heritage with other cultures to produce food that is simple but extremely tasty. If you want to be more adventurous in your meals as well, you can try the guinea pig which is a local delicacy.

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