From Western Asia to the Asian islands and up to the North, this continent delivers boisterous subcultures that boast exclusive diversity!

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The Himalayas

With Asia being Earth’s largest and most populous continent, it offers the loftiest mountain system in the world. If you’re interested in capturing the snow-capped peaks or you want to get a glimpse of the orange and pink sunset on the peaks, the Himalayas are the perfect sight to see! The mountain is divided into three longitudinal belts (the Outer, Lesser, and Great Himalayas) and the mountain is still rising to date due to the continued plate movements of the Indian peninsula against the Eurasian Plate!


Street food flavors

Places to eat in many Asian places don’t always look like the restaurants that you may be used to. It could be a person’s home or a few stools on a sidewalk. But if you keep your eye out for the places that are frequented by the locals, you know you are going to find some delicious food. Enjoy the saltiness of dried, shredded squid that’s commonly eaten as a snack in China and other coastal regions. Taste the subtle sweetness of Pad See Ew which name translates to “fried soy sauce.” Bask in the sourness of kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented napa cabbage and Korean radish. Experience the delicate bitterness of hot, loose-leaf Jasmine tea. It’s safe to say that no matter how your tastebud palette is set up, Asian flavors have a dynamic assortment of colors that are sure to paint a masterpiece in your mouth. There’s no denying that Asian flavors come with a distinct balance of the 4 official flavor profiles.

From daytime to nightlife

Cities throughout Asia are bustling with life. If you travel to Hanoi, old buildings, winding alleyways, and hole-in-the-wall shops are everywhere. We also can’t forget about the floating markets. If you want to get an authentic and unique shopping experience, check out one of the many floating markets throughout Asia. Chiefly found in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India, most floating markets operating today serve as tourist attractions. If you plan to check these out, make sure to wake up early because the locals often open up shop before sunrise.

Once the sky dusks, the streets of many cities throughout Asia become filled with a vibrant, fast-paced nightlife with no comparison. Some places like Japan have skyscrapers that extend into and across the sky. Other places like the Gili islands (Gili Trawangan) of Indonesia boast unforgettable, moon-filled beach parties. Yet, other places such as the resorts of the Maldives that are located in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean coast warrant a more relaxing getaway.