India has long held the interest of many across the world. It is a country that holds the idea of adventure, beauty and amazing people. If you are trying to decide where you should take your next trip, we recommend India. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

Just some of our Indian Products

Gopi Yogurt • Gopi Paneer • Royal Indian Basmati Rice • Swarna Chakki Fresh Atta • Dhanraj Elephant Brand Wheat Flour • Dhanraj Masoor Dal • KTC Rusk • Shan Dinner Spice Mix • Maggi Spices • Deer Besan • National Ginger Paste

One of India’s best-selling brand of biscuits in the world! These sweet and malty biscuits are filled with the goodness of milk and wheat for a source of all-round nourishment. Eat these as a tea-time snack.
Known for its fine quality and delicate fragrance and flavor, this is nature's longest Basmati rice. Now you can bring the paddy fields of Punjab to your dinner table!
Made from dry chickpeas or Bengal gram, this flour is a staple in Indian cuisine. The versatile legume has a mild, nutty flavor and can be in gravies, batters, and more. Can also be used as a replacement for egg in vegetarian dishes.
Experience a true taste of tradition with this flour blend. Ideal for daily use and easy to knead and roll to make roti that is perfectly puffed or use for other light-textured breads.
Make a delicious meal in minutes! These quality packaged sauces, spice mixes, and masala add taste and flavors to meals in minutes. Experience the delicacies of Indian cuisine.

The Chaos

One of the things that is continually brought up about India is the assault on your senses. Wherever you go there are new sounds, smells and sights. You would expect this in any foreign country. But India takes all of this to a new level. There are swerving motorbikes, rushing rickshaws, a crush of traffic and blaring horns. But all of this is part of the Indian experience. You will definitely understand the meaning of the word Patience in a new way.

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The Beauty

We all have an idea of what a country looks like when we picture it in our mind’s eye. India does hold many of the landscapes that you would be familiar with the association of. However, India is a very big country and along with big and loud cities it also has a lot of natural beauty. There are mountains and ski resorts in the north. There is the Thar Desert. There are rivers and lakes and waterfalls. There are valleys that will fill with flowers during monsoon season. The country is vast and beautiful and wherever you were to travel within it, you would find beauty.

The Food

One of the best parts of travel is the food! Oh the food! India is well known for their cuisine. Between the curries, kebabs and the countless other options, you will fall in love with Indian food. We always like to suggest Samosas. This is a triangle shaped dough that is filled with savory potatoes, onions, peas or even sometimes meat.

Rajasthani Maharaja Thaali, Pune

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