When we first opened our tortillaria, we were advised to get a crew in early and to pump out a full days supply of tortillas and chips, stock our shelves, and shut the system down. But if we followed that advice we would be going directly against our motto “Authentically Fresh”. So instead, we did the exact opposite…..ran the tortilla oven as slow as possible so that we could have warm tortillas available for our customers throughout the day. Well, over the years we have had to steadily speed the tortilla oven up as demand increased. Today you can come in and see exactly what goes into our famous tortillas (which is one reason we put the tortilleria out on the sales floor).

Fresh Corn

You can see that we are not using maseca (a pre-made corn flour mix).

Soaked & Ground

Instead, you will find us soaking and cooking the corn, grinding, and mixing it all right in front of your eyes.


Our masa is cut into perfect circles and cooks in our oven.


After that, you will see them cooling off on layered conveyer belts.


The final step is to bag up these warm and fresh tortillas.

 Customers will watch the process and wait to take the bag from our tortilla makers’ hands so they can have the freshest tortillas in town. Want to see the whole process? Check out our video:

Our flour tortillas are made from an authentic recipe in staying true to our passion for preserving tradition. We also offer flour tortillas made from our southwest recipe that uses vegetable shortening instead of animal shortening.  The “Natural” has a bit more density which enables it to hold up better on a grill.  Along with delicious, authentic, made from scratch corn and flour tortillas; we also have tortilla chips, masa for tortillas, masa preparada (ready to use for making tamales), tostadas, taco shells, Doritos, and pork skin “cracklins”. You don’t need to wait until Christmas to get your tamale fix around here.  As always we use very minimal amounts of natural preservatives in our products so don’t expect to be able to leave them in your pantry for weeks. They are made to be enjoyed within a few days for best results.  

Many local Mexican restaurants use our chips and tortillas because they have found them to be more authentic compared to what they can get from manufacturers. We feel that is a testament to our insistence on great ingredients and authentic methods. If you need fresh tortillas, you have only to look at Redlands Ranch Market.

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