traditional homemade Mexican meals-to-go

Redland’s marketplace cooks traditional homemade Mexican meals-to-go to enjoy at home this holiday season

December 29, 2020

traditional homemade Mexican meals-to-go traditional homemade Mexican meals-to-go traditional homemade Mexican meals-to-go traditional homemade Mexican meals-to-go

Holiday dinners just got easier with Redland Ranch Market’s authentic Mexican to-go meals — prepared on-site each day in the marketplace’s kitchen for your convenience, packed with flavor for your taste buds.

https://redlandsranchmarket.com.REDLANDS, Calif., December XX, 2020 — The same marketplace that has its shelves stocked with authentic, hard-to-find ingredients from around the world is offering the same authenticity with its made-from-scratch Mexican meals. These meals are prepared fresh every day in the Cocina, the marketplace’s kitchen department that’s dedicated to creating delicious traditional Mexican food staples such as fresh guacamole and salsa at affordable prices. Like many to-go options, the goal of these Mexican to-go meals is to give customers healthier and fresher meal options at their convenience. The marketplace is also excited to offer these Mexican-inspired to-go meals in various forms, including keto-friendly to-go bowls. The takeout meal options are also prepared as a solution to “those days you just don’t feel like cooking a meal from scratch,” the marketplace further explains.

These to-go bowls include options such as asada or chicken with rice, a broccoli salad bowl, a chicken bowl, tamales, and drinks like champurrado.  “Customers have expressed the need for something fresh, quick, and easy to pick up,” says the marketplace in response to its recent growth and excitement its seen surrounding their latest increase in ready-to-eat food options. As a result, the marketplace has expanded the amount of to-go meals it offers, allowing for both ready-made meals and prepared-to-order so customers can grab-and-go during this at-home holiday season.

The marketplace has already been offering to-go Mexican food options under its “Weekly Specials” deals — such as tacos with fresh, warm corn tortillas made in-house, of course, and menudo that’s offered by the batch for those who want to fill a pot and eat at home. Still, the marketplace is eager to expand its options to meet the demands of both the customers and the government. With government regulations have begun to restrict how, where, and when people enjoy their meals, the marketplace understands that customers are likewise looking for the most convenient meal option that caters to their limitations while satisfying their taste buds. As such, the to-go meals offered by Redlands Ranch Market allow customers to walk into the market, place their order, get in, get out, and enjoy.

As an advocate of healthy meal options and international cuisine, the marketplace wants to be the go-to place where people feel like they can find everything they need, including high-quality foods that are readily available and won’t break the bank. The marketplace thus boasts a variety of homemade goods, from baked goods to Mexican goods such as tortillas to fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies to the most recent to-go bowls.

This holiday season, the marketplace hopes to make festivities easier with these to-go meal options. For those who would rather grab-and-go, or if you simply don’t want to worry about cleaning up after cooking for the family, Redlands Ranch Market is the perfect place to stop by; your tastebuds will thank you later.

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Redlands Ranch Market is a grocery market located in the Inland Empire in Redlands, California. The market sells affordable, authentic international food items including Arabic/Mediterranean, Asian/South Pacific, Eastern European, Ethiopian/Eritrean/East African, and Indian food and ingredients. Redlands Ranch Market also offers ready-to-eat Hispanic cuisine seven days a week throughout the year. The family-run business makes quality a priority, preparing all of these dishes from scratch. Redlands Ranch Market has been providing international cuisine options and high quality to the Inland Empire since 1996. Learn more at https://redlandsranchmarket.com.