Preparing for Lent

February 27, 2019

Lent is just around the corner, beginning on March 6. And we at Redlands Ranch Market are prepared with everything you need for these forty days.

Lent, or in Spanish: Cuaresma, is a time of sobriety and reflection on Christ’s sacrifice. In practice, the participant demonstrates self-denial, prayer and the repentance of sin. And often, Lent prompts a fast, typically in the Catholic tradition, that which refrains from meat. In Mexico, several associated traditions center around food. That’s why we are dedicated to meeting your specific needs, serving as your most reliable source for traditional goods. Count on us for everything your family requires in this upcoming season!

– Fish –

Seafood is the season’s special! In recognition of meatless traditions, we have everything you need for fish-based meals. During Lent, we offer a few seasonal-specific items. These include various types of dried fish for Mexican dishes and soups:

  • Camaron Molido, dried and ground-up shrimp is used for Tortitas de Camaro.
  • And for soups, we supply Camaron Seco, which is dried shrimp, and Bacalao, which is dried and salted cod.


Our kitchen is prepared for the anticipated influx of fish and seafood demands! In response to Lent, we have modified our menu a bit. One new item, in particular, is called Shrimp Toritas wherein ground shrimp is formed into a patty, smothered in a delicious red sauce and served with rice and beans. On Fridays, we will always offer fish and shrimp combos. These may include shrimp fajitas, a tilapia fillet with rice and beans, shrimp tortitas with rice and beans or a fish taco combo. Make sure to stop by on Fridays for these updated specials!


For your homemade recipes, our wide variety of grocery items will surely suffice. These include nopalitos (fresh or pickled cactus) as well as the ingredients to make capirotada, a traditional Mexican bread pudding, prepared for the Lent season. We also carry lentils, tuna, sardines, habas (or lima beans,) garbanzo beans, and fresh pasilla chiles to make chile rellenos. And if you can’t find it on our shelves, you’ll find it in our bulk section. We carry every bean, pea, lentil, and grain of which you can think!

In preparation for Lent, search no further for your traditional food items than at Redlands Ranch Market. Not only for the Lenten Season but the entire year, we are dedicated to meeting the grocery needs of you and your family.