Cocina Mexicana

Like the rest of our store, our kitchen brings you authentic flavors at refreshing prices.

Salsa Bar

One of the first things you may notice about our kitchen is our salsa bar. We often have a variety of nine salsas available to our customers. We would offer more, but we’ve run out of space at our salsa bar! Our chefs are always experimenting with our produce to create new and inventive salsas to tantalize your taste buds. We also have our favorites that are always available. But the salsa is always made fresh with no preservatives. This isn’t a salsa to keep in your refrigerator for a long time. If you need some delicious chips and salsa for a get-together, come pick it up today. It will always be fresh at Redlands Ranch Market.

Aguas Frescas

Refreshing fruit drinks made with fresh fruits daily are sure to quench your thirst and are a perfect compliment to your meal.  Our Aguas Frescas are made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives!

Tradition of Authentic Mexican Cooking

Carnitas, Chicharron, Chili Verde, and more all cooked authentically with recipes and techniques passed down for generations!  Using quality meats from our Butcher Shop and fresh vegetables from our Produce Department we cook with traditional methods.  For example, 60-100 lbs of carnitas and chicharron are cooked over high heat in a Cazo (traditional stainless steel cooking pot) on a daily basis.  The tender well seasoned meat is sold by the pound in bulk or chopped up and used to make the best taco’s, burritos, and tortas around.

Weekly Mexican Kitchen Specials

Each day of the week we highlight one of our specials at a discounted price

Taco Tuesday

Choose from chicken, al pastor, carne asada or carnitas to make the best tacos in town. We serve the tacos on warm fresh corn tortillas and add cilantro and onion. Join us on Tuesdays for great taco discounts!

Burrito Wednesday

Build your own burrito! You get to build your burrito or burrito bowl from the ground up.

Torta Thursdays

Love Sandwiches? Love Mexican Food? Meet Tortas, Delicious Mexican Sandwiches. Come in on Thursdays for our Tortas Special!

Friday Fish tacos

Lightly battered fish filets, thinly sliced cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro, onion and a chipotle cream sauce. Served on our fresh warm corn tortillas.

Menudo Every Weekend

Can’t get enough of menudo? Every weekend you can get a bowl or bring your own pot. We’ll fill it for you!

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