Let's go to Thailand

Let’s go to Thailand

January 12, 2018

Every travel blog and backpacker will tell you the same thing if you want beauty, adventure and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg – go to Thailand. This country is jam-packed with opportunities to have the time of your life. Here are a few suggestions for your next trip:

Take in the beauty

Thailand doesn’t have just one landmark to showcase because the entire country is beautiful. But you’re are not going to go wrong on a tropical beach; of which there are plenty! Southern Thailand has so many different options, but one beach that has been popularized in various movies is Phi Phi bay and the Mayan beach. Taking in this gorgeous landscape should be on your bucket list.

Take in the Culture

Thailand has a rich culture. Walk around any city, and you see some ancient architecture paired with growing expansion. In the larger cities, you see full walls of graffiti art next to temples with monks. You can also partake in some genuinely fantastic massage. Thai massage stretches out your entire body while also releasing tension in your muscles all for as little as $7 on average.

Take in the Food

Thai food is so inexpensive and so accessible that most Thai people choose to eat out. Make sure you try the fantastic Pad Thai, the curries as well as a green papaya salad. All of these can usually be found in markets on the street for unbeatable prices. And never pass up mango sticky rice. It is life changing good.

In the meantime, you can make some of these dishes on your own. You can get some key ingredients here at the Ranch Market. Click the links below to try these delicious recipes:

Pad Thai
Green Papaya Salad