Mexican Valentines Day 

Valentine’s day has been ramping up for some time in America. Around the middle of January, you start to see the customary boxes of chocolates, the various cards covered in hearts, the balloons and the stuffed animals that are in stores. Valentine’s Day can have some strong feelings of like and dislike attached to it. Known to some as Single Awareness Day, those that find themselves unattached on this day may not have the best memories of this day dedicated to romantic love.

Mexico takes a different turn in looking at this iconic day. Valentine’s Day in Mexico is called El Dia del Amor y la Amistad which translates to The Day of Love and Friendship. Instead of focusing on only one aspect of love they instead chose to celebrate a full picture of what love encompasses. You will also find the similar gifts to be bought in stores in Mexico. But there will be a great deal more of them. It is common in Mexico to buy not only your Paramore a gift, but also your friends and people who mean a great deal to you. In Spanish, they even have different ways of expressing the various forms of love. To a friend you may say “te quiero” but to someone that you have stronger, more romantic feelings you would say “te amo.”

One tradition in Mexico for romantic love is for a gentleman to sing to his love under her window. He will typically hire a trio of musicians or a mariachi band. He then will sing and profess his love to win the heart of the woman he loves. This tradition goes back many generations and has even been seen in some popular Hollywood movies.

We hope that your Valentine’s Day is full of all sorts of love; the love that you feel towards good friends and coworkers, the love you feel towards that special someone and the love that you feel towards your family. Regardless of your relationship status, we hope that more people can appreciate the love they have in their life.

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dia del amor y la amistad