BBQing enjoyable

Inland Empire marketplace makes at-home BBQing enjoyable with marinated meats, party packages, and snacks

June 26, 2020

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While “party” has taken on a new meaning with social distancing, the Redlands Ranch Market can still help your family create a festive atmosphere within current social limitations.


Party PackagesWith stay-at-home orders being administered by the government, many people are curious about how the summer will be enjoyed. Inland Empire’s international grocery marketplace Redlands Ranch Market is showing that summer can still be fun by offering groceries and party goods. According to their website, the Redlands Ranch Market has eight distinct departments, including their meat, grocery, and bakery department—of which the latter has recently started offering party packages.

Known for their marinated meats, the Redlands Ranch Market meat department has a large variety of marinades used to prepare carne asada, pollo asado, and other marinated meats. The meat department is staffed and managed by knowledgeable butchers who go above and beyond to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers even more so during these times. “As you are planning your meal,” says the website, “we can help you find the best cut and type of meat for your recipe.”

The staff offers suggestions when it comes to helping customers create dishes with their meats and can provide guidance when helping customers choose what meat to use when cooking for special events. “Many grocery chains are unable to create cuts […] because most of their meat is pre-sliced,” says the website. “Our butchers bring in whole pieces of meat so that […] we can create a special cut just for .” The site adds: “Ultimately, our meat department is looking to provide you with quality meat selections and personalized service. We take care in selecting meats from ranchers that take pride and extreme care in how their ranches are run.”

Their bakery department is also home to their new arrangement of party packages. While “party” has taken on a new meaning with social distancing, the Redlands Ranch Market can still help families create festive environments within current social limitations at home. The Redlands Ranch Market bakery department offers balloons, piñatas, cakes, and more, with specialty cakes that are ready to pick-up and gobble down.

Snacks such as chips and salsa, fresh guacamole, and fruit and veggie platters are available so you can munch while waiting for the marinated meats to cook on the grill. The marketplace also has catering options that include additional snack items such as nachos and quesadilla platters assembled to feed multiple people.

Their website adds: “As a grocery store, we have the unique opportunity to connect people with different cultures, foods, and overall experiences […] You will see us expand our offerings as well as continue to create an environment of warmth and friendliness within the community […] We are looking forward to the future and to our offerings and services.”

Summer is right around the corner, and whether it’s marinated meats, party packages, or snacks, the Redland’s Ranch Market is reminding us that we can still enjoy the warm season in our own backyard and with our immediate household.