Local marketplace makes fresh tamales from scratch for the holiday season

Redlands Ranch Market greets the holiday season with a homemade tamale recipe made hot and fresh from the marketplace’s Kitchen which makes fresh Mexican food every day

Redlands, Calif., Oct. 30, 2020 — The Redlands Ranch Market is a dynamic marketplace in addition to an authentic Mexican food advocate; as such, the marketplace is providing Redland residences with fresh tamales made from scratch this year. In fact, the marketplace has been cooking authentic Mexican food for so long, their tamale recipes have become a recurring hot commodity for the months leading to the end of the year into the new year.

Tamales are a traditional Mesoamerican dish with origins from modern-day Mexico. Tamales are thought to have first been enjoyed by the Aztecs, tracing back to 7,000 BC and have been served as a favorite meal, portable snack, and the season’s choice food for generations! Tamales are typically made of masa, a corn-based dough, and filled with meat. Popular fillings include chicken, pork, and beef. However, there are many variations of the meal. Sometimes, olives, dried fruits, and vegetables are added to create a new flavor combo. “To make tamales that are superior in taste,” the marketplace says, “you have to use authentic, whole, and minimally-processed ingredients.” The market explains that most tortillas and masa today are made with processed corn flour called maseca. The marketplace, however, believes in using whole ingredients to create the freshest and most authentic flavors to offer the best marketplace tamale recipe in the entire Inland Empire.

“We devote time to the long and laborious process of cooking, grinding, and mixing fresh corn for all of our tortillas and tamales,” the marketplace says. This made-from-scratch tamale recipe is the essential difference between the Redlands Ranch Market tamale recipe and that of others.

Join in on the tradition and prepare for the holiday season by visiting the market’s cocina, or Mexican Kitchen, that’s dedicated to making authentic Mexican food such as tamales. “You can buy our authentic handcrafted tamales,” the marketplace says. “Choose from tamales prepared to steam at home or tamales that are fully cooked and ready to eat.” And the marketplace can also supply masa and other ingredients for tamale-making events. “For family occasions, we recommend pre-ordering our steam-at-home tamales,” the market says, relating that they always experience an increased demand for tamales during the end-of-year holidays.

Stop by Redlands Ranch Market for masa, dried chilis, husks, spices, meat, and more and get a taste of the holidays! No matter how you make your tamales, Redlands Ranch Market is prepared to offer the most authentic tamale recipe and ingredients and the freshest hand-crafted tamales around.

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