lets go to argentina

Let’s go to Argentina

November 15, 2017
Are you looking for your next travel destination? Look no further. Argentina is a place of great diversity and great beauty. Here are just a few things that Argentina can boast:


Land of Adventure
Are you the kind of person that is always looking for your next thrill? You may want to visit El Chalten. This impressive range of mountains offers some fantastic hiking and rock climbing. If you want a more a hiking challenge, make your way to Aconcagua which is the highest mountain outside of Asia. Or if you desire to see the edge of the world, make your way to Ushuaia which is the world’s southernmost city.


Land of Beauty
Argentina is also a land of immense beauty. One of the most breathtaking views is at Iguazu Falls. This set of waterfalls is right on the border between Argentina and Brazil. When Eleanor Roosevelt saw these falls for herself, she merely said “Poor Niagara.” You may also want to see a glacier up close and personal, which you can at Glaciers National Park. Take a day trip and explore the many viewing spots of this vast and impressive natural wonder.


Passionate People
This is the birthplace of one of the intense dances, the tango. You have only to watch a few moment of this dance to see the intricacies and skill need to master this seductive dance. However, you can take some lessons and learn from the best! You also may have a chance to meet a Gaucho. Gauchos are Argentine cowboys who have become a thing of legend with stories and folklore told around their nomadic lifestyle.


Delicious food
This country is known to have some of the most delightful wine and steaks that are the size of doorstops. If you are looking for a culinary experience, Argentina is your answer. In the meantime, feel free to come into Redlands Ranch Market to try some Yerba Mate. This is a beverage that “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate.” Or maybe get some San Ignacio Dulce de Leche, which will add a delicious flavor to your ice cream.


We are always looking to be your supply of international foods. So if you have a taste for Argentine food, or want to try something new; look no further than Redlands Ranch Market.