Giving the modern meat department an old school twist with butcher shop style custom roast orders

January 18, 2021

From the carniceria to your kitchen, get the right cut of meat with the right knowledge for the right event.

What makes meat from an old school butcher shop so special, and how can markets integrate the butcher shop mentality into their customer service? According to Dario Cecchini (he’s a butcher who is regularly referred to as “the greatest butcher in the world”), the artisan aspect of butchering triumphs over anything else when it comes to a delicious piece of meat.

In that same interview-style article published by Butcher Magazine, Cecchini comments:

The important thing is guaranteeing the animals have a good life and honest compassionate death, and being sure that every part of the animal is used well from nose to tai. Then sitting down and enjoying the meal this animal has given us and in turn giving thanks to this animal. This is the important thing.

It’s a concept similar to people favoring homemade cooking more than takeout or restaurant dining; what makes the food taste more delicious is not only the creativity that comes from a homemade meal but the love and respect the person in the kitchen puts into the food as they’re cooking.

Cecchini believes that butchering is an art and as butchers, “we should strive to be the very best we can, with respect for the animals and the meat they provide.” In fact, this belief of love and respect for food isn’t new and it certainly doesn’t exclude the role of meat. Cecchini says that a true butcher will show the utmost respect for an animal.

How Redlands Ranch Market tries to emulate Cecchini and other great butchers around the world: Respect and good service over profit.

Our marketplace butchers might not be Cecchini clones, but it’s important that our meat department is staffed and managed by butchers who appreciate the life of the animal as much as they love to create cuts of meat. They’re not too shabby when it comes to listening to Cecchini’s words and applying them to our butchering process, allowing us to go above and beyond to meet your meat expectations.

Focusing on the good service of the butcher shop is also important to us. For example, being able to offer a whole pig or a certain cut based on customer requests is necessary in developing and maintaining that butcher mentality. 

The reality is that many grocery chains are unable to create cuts to meet specific customer needs or requests because most of their meat is pre-sliced and delivered to them ready to display. Next time you step into a grocery store, ask a worker in the meat department about what part of the animal your meat came from. The likelihood of the butcher being able to answer you might be low because often times, the meat is simply delivered to destination, taken out of the box, and put on display. Our butchers, however, are a resource for you.

We bring in whole pieces of meat so that when you come in with a particular need, we can create a special cut just for you. This means that as you’re planning your meal, we’ll guide you to find the best cut and type of meat for your recipe. With our butcher’s knowledge, we’ll guide you in deciding what cut of meat would be the best fit for your particular needs that will bring out more flavor while being cost-effective.

Carniceria, carniceria, carniceria: Meat and Mexican cuisine

Since we’re on the topic of how we do meat, let’s take a look at some interesting carniceria facts. We’re also going to talk about the importance of meat in traditional Mexican dishes and also share some tips on how and where to find good meat.

  1. Carniceria is the Spanish word for butcher shop or meat market. You can get raw meat, but a carniceria is best known for Mexican meat specialties that are already cooked.
  2. The Mexican tradition of buying cooked meat at the carniceria is partly a matter of convenience and partly because it’s a big job to prepare carnitas, barbacoa, and chicharrones, and it’d be impractical to do so at home. Not sure what we mean by “big job”? Take a look at these recipes: this six-hour carnitas preparation; this eight-hour barbacoa preparation; this near-four-hour chicharrones recipe. 
  3. According to research, consumption of meat in Mexico attained a value of approximately 8.95 million metric tons in 2019, up from 8.73 million metric tons recorded a year earlier.
  4. Did you know that there is no certified degree when it comes to being a butcher. This means that you can enter this career straight out of high school, likely starting off as an apprentice and learning the various cuts of meat. After about a year of two of training, you’ll be considered “fully trained.”
  5. Butchers have manual dexterity, or the ability to perform small tasks with their hands. Because butchers work in cold environments, their hands are subject to discomfort and can become numb. It’s crucial to have the dexterity to work in both warm and cold conditions and perform the correct cuts of meat every time.

So, why is meat important in Mexican dishes and how does Redlands Ranch Market stand out from potential competitors? Well, the answer is in how we run our meat department. As we mentioned throughout this article, we’ve worked to maintain that old school butcher mentality of having respect for the meat we’re using while giving the customer what they need based on our knowledge and training.

In a survey conducted to highlight the important aspects of the food culture of Mexico, it’s noted that the most important foods in the Mexican diet have been “corn, beans, squash, tomatillos, and chile peppers.” Meat, however, has made its way into the cuisine over the years and our marketplace is committed to providing the best meat to our customers.

Finding the best quality meat, whether whole or cut, at Redlands Ranch Market.

In that article with Cecchini, the interviewer asked about the best butcher shop Cecchini had ever seen. Cecchini’s response? “They’re all beautiful when the butchers have the qualities described above.” The qualities of responsibility, respect, and heart.

With that in mind, finding good quality meat starts with how the butchers view and treat the meat. Ultimately, our meat department is can provide you with quality meat selections and personalized service. We take care in selecting meats from ranchers that take pride and extreme care in how their ranches are run. So, when you’re planning your next meal, camp-out, or get-together, we can get you quality meat — from our family to yours!

We’ve got an 84-foot full-service meat department that you can’t find in many stores. If you’re looking for pre-seasoned or halal meat, we have 12-feet dedicated to each, so your meat needs will be met.

Stop by the marketplace today for an old school butcher shop experience with modern meat department that’s easy to navigate with workers who are easy to talk with!