9 cozy international meals and drinks to warm your home in fall

An international take on how to warm the home during fall with hearty food and delicious hot beverages

Some of the most heartwarming meals are made for and during the colder seasons like fall and winter, but what kind of fall meals are people cooking around the world? Let’s take a look at some delicious fall dinner and drink ideas from around the world that will get you inspired.


“There are a few things that make this pot roast stand out from the rest, including the tomato sauce, and an interesting blend of spices that includes a hint of cinnamon and ground ginger.” – Let’s Dish

This recipe omits traditional beer and opts for beef broth instead. You could go with only beer, the latter, or a combination of both! Either way, what’s left is a tomato-based broth, with the juices of beef roast simmering into a delicious gravy for serving.

cozy international bavarian meal



“This traditional Brazilian comfort food, Feijoada, is chock full of delicious black beans, vegetables, and three kinds of pork. It’s sure to delight the whole family during the colder months, especially when it is served with my zesty Garlic Butter Rice.” –  Muy Bueno Cookbook

Brazilian Feijoada (fey-jwah-duh) is a bean and pork (or beef) stew similar to a jambalaya. The name comes from the Portuguese word for beans, feijão. Traditionally made with black beans in Brazil, this hearty stew is a true comfort food.


“One of the most popular, lip smack, and delicious dishes that’s been loved by many across the world. Paired with naan or kulcha is a delight.” – Indian Healthy Recipes

Experience the delight of chunks of grilled chicken cooked in a smooth, buttery, and creamy tomato-based gravy. Have leftovers? The gravy becomes richer the next day, so eat your heart out not once, but twice!

cozy international indian meal


cozy international Ethiopian meal

“The citrus flavor in the tangy dijon-lemon vinaigrette balances perfectly with the warm flavors of the berbere chicken. It’s also a delicious salad dressing and marinade!” – Silk Road Recipes

If you have yet to experience the exhilarating aroma and flavor of Ethiopian spices, you are in for a treat with Berbere. The flavor combines smoky, sweet, and citrusy flavors. While the flavors are warm, this addictive spicy blend is one of my personal favorites.


“The key to making great French Onion soup is in giving the onions time to caramelize properly. Don’t rush this process but we do have a secret (just a bit of sugar) to cut down the time significantly.” – Natasha’s Kitchen

French Onion Soup is made of caramelized onions in a rich beef-wine broth and is served with a signature cheesy toast topping. It originated in France and is timeless and well-loved. This perfected homemade French Onion Soup has the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and has a little bit of Paris in every bite.

cozy international FRENCH meal



String beans braised gently with garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, fresh dill and plenty of olive oil, our fasolakia recipe will make a green bean lover out of even the staunchest of critics. Ultra-savory and fragrant, we suggest adding some good, crusty bread and a hunk of creamy, salty feta cheese to this delicious vegetarian dinner.” – The Modern Proper

A grove’s worth of olive oil, tomatoes, fresh garlic, onions and herbs make a delicious braising bath for green beans and creamy potatoes in this classic Greek fasolakia recipe.


“If you are going to try any Jamaican recipe, try this Jamaican curry chicken. Seasoned well, cooked down in a savoury curry sauce. Busting with flavor, this delicious dish is one for chicken lovers.” – Jamaican Food and Recipes

This popular Jamaican dish is filled with chopped chicken, seasoned with Jamaican herb and spices,  and brightened yellow with Jamaican curry powder. Add filling carrots and potatoes to give the dish more body and help thicken the curry sauce — it’s like liquid gold!




“These red chile pork tamales are the real authentic Mexican deal. And they taste as though they were lovingly crafted by the loveliest abuela imaginable, crafted to be slightly spicy with pulled pork. Here’s how to make them at home, step by step.” – Leite’s Culinaria

Red chile pork tamales that are authentic Mexican through and through—sweet corn masa dough enveloping a richly spiced, knee-wobblingly tender pork filling. If you have any leftover tamales, they can be eaten cold straight out of the refrigerator or gently warmed in a steamer.


“Fesejan is soulful and oh so satisfying. […] And if you get the balance just right,  Fesenjan is downright swoon-worthy!” – Feasting At Home

A sumptuous Persian Stew made with ground walnuts and pomegranate –   earthy, tangy and deep, Fesejan. The flavorful sauce is luxuriously rich from the ground walnuts, with a pleasant sourness from the pomegranate molasses.  The nice thing is this can be made with either chickpeas or chicken, or both!

cozy international persian meal

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