hatch chilis



Weekly AD 08/30-09/05 Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! We hope that you get a much-deserved break and can’t wait to stock you up for your chill time! Grill up some corn, kick back with a beer or coke, smash your face into a watermelon, or throw some steak on the BBQ this weekend, all for an affordable price! Check out our […]

Weekly AD 08/09-08/15 Hatch Chilies Are Here

Hatch Chilis in the House! Come in this week and grab a few pounds of Hatch Chilis, then turn them into Chili verde, stuff them with cheese, or even throw them into your favorite Mac and Cheese for that extra POW! Come in over the weekend to save big on marinated beef, corn, and beer! Sounds […]