Perfect Summer Picnic

June 18th is International Picnic Day!

We love a good picnic. We are obsessed with the feeling of the sun and a cool breeze paired with some delicious food! So we thought we would share some fun ways that people picnic around the world!


In Japan, at the start of Spring, all of the cherry blossoms start to come out in full force.

The cherry blossom season is so fleeting that people pack out the parks and picnic. There isn’t much room to walk around as families and friends gather to experience the idyllic scenes of cherry blossoms gently floating to the earth. Bento boxes are the picnic food of choice which usually include rice balls, vegetables, and sushi to share.


In Turkey, they like to picnic in style!

Not only do they go all out with their food selections including grilled meats, stuffed veggies and lots of desserts, they also will bring out cushions, furniture, and rugs so that they can be completely comfortable. We may be familiar with a camping chair, but in Turkey, they bring out the couch! Their picnics are long and lavish and often last until evening when it becomes a bonfire!


In Argentina, Christmas dinner gets celebrated picnic style.

In California, we know a thing or two about a warm Christmas, and in Argentina, it is peak summer conditions. So they move the meal to the beach or to the patio to celebrate Christmas outside.


We love all these ideas! If you want to celebrate International Picnic Day this year, maybe take a cue from some other cultures and up your picnic game with some different foods or even a couch or two! And always make sure to stop by Redlands Ranch Market. We have the freshest ingredients to make all your picnic ready foods. Hope to see you soon!