How to Host the Best Backyard BBQ Ever

Overview: Make summertime a fun time by hosting a backyard BBQ party! Read on for some great tips that will help you host the best backyard BBQ ever — starting before your event has begun and going all the way to dessert!

Summer is BBQ season! It’s time to fire up the grill and invite friends and family over for a backyard barbecue party. There’s no better way to enjoy the sunny summer weather than gathering your favorite folks together to enjoy each other’s company — and, of course, to enjoy some mouth-watering barbecued meat!

We’d like to help you make your next backyard BBQ a fantastic one — the kind of event that will have your guests going home with both smiles and a smidge of barbecue sauce on their faces. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips and advice on how to host the best backyard BBQ ever! 

Make a Plan in Advance 

First things first: Before you bring out your grilling equipment and tools, before you set up those outdoor tables and chairs, even before you go shopping for ingredients at your local grocery store… Make sure you have a plan! 

Ask yourself all the questions necessary for making your backyard BBQ a reality, like: How many guests do you expect? How much food will you need? What time of day should your event begin, taking into account the weather and your guests’ schedules? Don’t leave anything until the last minute!

Whet Those Appetites with Snacks 

Cooking up delicious BBQ takes time, but you don’t want to start cooking too early, or the meat will be cold by the time all your guests have arrived. On the other hand, your guests will likely show up ready to chow down, so you don’t want their stomachs to be grumbling before the meat is ready. 

At the beginning of your party, put out a few crowd-pleasing snacks. It’s hard to go wrong with chips, popcorn, and veggies like carrot sticks, celery, and grape tomatoes, accompanied by a tasty dip. That way, your guests can happily munch while they wait for your main courses to cook to perfection.

Offer a Variety of Food and Drink 

Remember, variety is the spice of life — and everyone has different tastes. Don’t limit your offerings to your own personal favorite food and drink. Include a range of sides (salad, beans, watermelon, and potato salad are popular choices), and consider offering two choices of “entree” for those who prefer hot dogs to hamburgers or vice versa.

If any of your BBQ attendees have specific dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.), include some good options for them too! And when it comes to beverages, offer a few different drinks, including some non-alcoholic options.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a few items! Your friends and family will likely be happy to contribute to the proceedings by bringing some of their own favorite sides, beverages, and snacks.

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Provide Essential Outdoor Items 

It’s a good idea to remind your guests to bring any items they might want or need at your backyard BBQ. Most folks will be happy to bring their own lawn chairs, additional snacks and beverages, and so on. 

But just in case, make sure you, the host, have plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, and hand sanitizer to go around. Your guests will thank you for thinking of everything and providing them with a comfortable, burn-free, bug-free, germ-free day!

Bring the Music 

Music livens up any party, and a backyard BBQ is no exception. With a good Bluetooth speaker connected to the device of your choice, you’ll have a rockin’ soundtrack that will keep the energy level up. And who knows? A spontaneous dance party or sing-along might even break out!

Here’s a tip: Prepare your playlist in advance! Include a variety or artists and genres so you’ll have a good mix of catchy, foot-tappin’ tunes. 

Play Games 

What’s a backyard party without games? Boring, that’s what. There are tons of fun outdoor games you can have available to enhance the fun quotient of your BBQ. Cornhole and horseshoes are time-honored favorites, and pickleball is a fun game for all ages that’s exploded in popularity in recent years.

If you don’t mind getting a little messy, you could also go for a water balloon fight. Or you could keep it simple, and just organize a game of hide & seek or tag.

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Choose the Best Meats

This might just be the most important item on this list! The centerpiece of a backyard BBQ is, of course, the BBQ itself. If you truly want to host the best backyard BBQ ever, you’re going to want to procure the best-quality meats available.

And where will you find the most amazing variety of high-quality BBQ meats at awesome prices? Redlands Ranch Market, of course! Our meats are sure to take any backyard BBQ to the next level. We have the most knowledgeable butchers around, and they take pride in providing our customers with the best cuts of meat for any recipe and for any occasion. We’re especially famous for our marinated meats. You can learn more elsewhere on our website!

And if you’d like to switch things up a bit, consider some international BBQ dishes!

Don’t Forget Dessert 

No backyard BBQ would be complete without something sweet to top it all off. When you serve dessert, you’re sure to capture the hearts of any youngsters at your party — as well as any “youngsters at heart.”

You can’t go wrong with cookies, and an ice cream sundae bar with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and other toppings is sure to be a hit. And of course, a homemade pie is a classic summertime choice. 

In Conclusion 

We hope these barbecue party ideas will help you host the backyard BBQ of your dreams. If your BBQ party is a success, think about making it a regular tradition. It’s a wonderful way to make summer special! And remember, you can find everything you need — from snacks to meats to desserts — at Redlands Ranch Market! Check out the rest of our website for more info!