Going Back to School

Going Back to School

August 14, 2017

It’s August, and that means that school is starting back up again. Which is crazy to think about! Didn’t the summer just start? How can it be over so quickly? We hope that you had a great summer season, we know we sure did. But all good things must come to an end, right? As we are heading back into the school hustle and bustle, we thought we would write a blog on how to help you get back into the swing of things.

Ease back into those early mornings:

Making a sudden switch from later bedtimes in the summer to needing to be up early to catch a school bus can be a rough transition. Try setting bedtimes incrementally earlier in the week leading up to school starting. That way you and your child are getting more sleep and are more prepared for the early mornings.

Do some reconnaissance:

If your child is starting up at a new school, there can be a lot of anxiety that comes with that big move. For some kids, they may even be going to the same school, but the grade jump causes a lot of fear for them. A few days before classes begin, go with them and check out the facilities. Help them know where their classes will be and where the gym and other facilities are. They will already have a leg up once classes start.

Prepack those lunches:

One of the things that always seems to take so much time is to make your kids’ lunches. You can pre pack those lunches, so they are ready to go. You can also fill them up with delicious fruits, vegetables and all sorts of healthy options for those growing bodies and minds. Visit Redlands Ranch Market to find the best value and great variety of lunch and snack options.

To get your back into the school spirit, we are holding a Back to School Raffle! On August 18th at 2 pm, we will be raffling off five scooters, one bike, and one portable basketball system. Write your name or your child’s name on the back of your receipt along with your phone number and put it in the box in the front of the store. You can participate as many times as you want. More shopping equals more chances to win! No purchase limit. Do not need to be present to win.