If you are buying limes by the unit (each) chances are you are paying way too much!  You will always find our juicy limes priced “by the pound”!  Our produce department has experienced exceptional growth over the last few years as customers that may have stopped in for great chips and salsa become aware of our produce freshness and great prices. We are always looking for new produce to showcase in addition to our regular offerings . We have an excellent working relationship with many local vendors that bring their produce directly from their orchards or fields.

Being an independent grocer, we can offer you the freshest produce as farmers will often send their product straight to us.  This cuts out the middleman and enables us to sell  produce just harvested at great prices when compared to our competition. When it comes to perishable produce, we know how to get it to you sooner and at a great price. We do occasionally have some organic offerings, but our focus has always been to bring value to our customers.  We will look for opportunities to expand our organic offerings as prices become more reasonable.  

Along with the rest of the store, we have also expanded our international offerings in the produce department, and are quickly becoming the go-to place for unique and hard to find produce. If we don’t currently have what you are looking for, let us know as we are always looking to expand our current offerings. No matter what culture you come from, every meal needs produce. That’s why we always say that produce is the great food bridge that connects every culture. We want to help you make the dish that reminds you of home, or lets you explore a new culture and taste. We often we see professional chefs (sometimes on their way to work…..sometimes on their way home) picking up those hard to find ingredients for their recipe of the day.  For those of us that just like to be adventurous in the kitchen Redlands Ranch is the place to get those hard to find ingredients that add a little spice to life. Jackfruit, Alphonso Mangoes, Castilla Squash, Opo Squash,  Indian Eggplant, and Fresh Almonds are just a few of the produce items you might not find at your chain store. As always, if you do not see something that you would like to have, let us know, and we will search to find it for you!  We are confident that when it comes to great produce, you will find the produce you are looking for at a fantastic price.

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