Meat Department

Our meat department is staffed and run by butchers who know their craft and love to create cuts of meat that appreciate the life of the animal and love creating a fantastic value for our customers. Our butchers are bringing in whole pieces of meat so that when you come in with a particular need, we can create a special cut just for you. Many grocery chains are unable to create cuts to meet your need because most of their meat is pre-sliced and delivered to them ready to display.


When asking a grocery store meat department worker “what part of the animal” your meat came from, most will be unable to answer you because they just know it was delivered to them, taken out of the box and put on display.

Our butchers are a resource for you. As you are planning your meal, we can help you find the best cut and type of meat for your recipe. We are also dedicated to saving you money. Many times recipes may call for a very specific cut, but with our butcher’s knowledge, we can often suggest something that will bring out more flavor and be more cost effective.

We are also known for our marinated meats. Because our store’s foundation is in Mexican cuisine, we have a large variety of marinades used to prepare carne asada, pollo asado and other marinated meats that help bring out a delicious array of flavors, sure to make your meal or get together a huge hit. Feeling overwhelmed about how to cook with these meats? Ask our butchers!  We love the opportunity to share our passion for properly cooked, delicious meats. Have a special event and not sure what to make? Our butchers can help guide you in deciding what cut of meat (roast, steak, or pre-marinated option) would be the best fit for your particular needs.

Ultimately, our meat department is looking to provide you with quality meat selections and personalized service. We take care in selecting meats from ranchers that take pride and extreme care in how their ranches are run.  Our hope is that you will choose Redlands Ranch Butcher Shop when planning your next meal, camp out, or get together.  Quality meats……from our family to yours!

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