Blood-based International Dishes for a “Bloody Awesome” Halloween Celebration

December 1, 2022

 Overview: Maybe you’ve never had any blood-based dishes at the Halloween parties you’ve been to, but there’s a plethora of such dishes out there.  Let’s learn more about these delicacies and surprise our loved ones with a “bloody awesome” Halloween celebration! 

Boo! It’s the spookiest time of the year, and if you really want to commit to the macabre mood, you’ll realize that no Halloween party is complete without a touch of blood. A few gallons of fake blood can enhance any Halloween haunted house, or make a creepy prank even creepier. But there’s more to the holiday than scares.

That’s why we decided to bring you some innovative ideas for your Halloween gatherings this year. Having looked into it, we got to know that scientific research backs the claim that blood helps thicken food better than any other alternative. Some people out there are uneasy about the sight or thought of blood, and there are many superstitions associated with blood.

On the other hand, people in Nepal celebrate regular “Blood Drinking Festivals,” during which they drink yak’s blood. This festival reflects the complex relationship that Nepal’s Buddhists have with eating meat, and the blood is said to have some medicinal and other healthy properties.

There are also a number of blood-based dishes from around the world, and Halloween is a great time to try cooking them up. Let’s try them together!

For more details about the science and art behind cooking with blood, consider reading this article.

 Finnish Blood Pancakes :

This dish is served in Finland, where it is known as veriohukainen. In Sweden, it’s referred to as blodplätter. The mixture of these pancakes contain blood as a handy egg substitute, which helps bind the milk and flour together. The blood inside the pancakes renders it dense, savory, and dark. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Let’s learn how to cook them for a Halloween party.


◻ 2 cups pork or beef blood

◻ 1 cup water (only if the blood is too thick)

◻ 1 tbsp white or brown sugar (your preference)

◻ 1 tsp salt

◻ 1/2 tsp dried ginger

◻ 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

◻ 3 tbsp butter — for frying


Add all-purpose flour, dried ginger, sugar, and salt. Mix the dry ingredients well together before adding blood and water. Blood may thicken the mixture quickly — as blood is thicker than water.

Use a blini pan, if available. Otherwise, any pan will work. On medium heat, let the butter melt in the pan before adding anything else. Mix the dry ingredients with two cups of blood. If the batter is too thick, add some water for better consistency.

Cook pancakes until bubbles show up on the top and adjust heat as necessary. Serve them crispy!

Learn more about Finnish cuisine here.

 Korean Blood Sausage Recipe :


◻ 3 beef or pork small intestine of sausage casing

◻ 2 cups sweet rice

◻ 12 ounce package of sweet vermicelli

◻ 3 garlic cloves

◻ 11 inch knob of ginger

◻ 1 tsp salt

◻ 1/2 tsp pepper

◻ 1 tbsp Korean toasted sesame oil

◻ 1 tsp sesame seeds

◻ 5 scallions

◻ 2 cups beef or pork blood

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Take a bowl and add rice. Pour enough water to soak the rice and keep aside for 30 minutes. Keep rinsing the rice until the water isn’t glossy anymore. Take a rice cooker and add 1/4 cup water. If you don’t prefer rice cooker, take a cooking pot and add rice to 3 1/2 cups of water. Decrease the heat to low and place a lid on the top. Forget it for 45 minutes.

Now, take the pork intestine and clean it thoroughly. Soak the intestine in salt-water solution. You can either cut the intestine in 1 foot sections or keep the whole – your preference.

Pour lukewarm water in a bowl and add vermicelli to the water until it turns soft. Chop them thoroughly. Take the scallions and finely chop them too.

Take another pan and dry roast sesame seeds until golden brown. Use a mortar to crush the seeds. Take a large mixing bowl and mix garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, and all the stuffing together.

Take a sausage stuffing machine and stuff each section lightly. Use cotton strings so the stuffing doesn’t come out.

Take a pot and place sausages into it. Cover it with salt water solution. Boil well, and then reduce the heat to simmer. Remember not to cover the pot and let it boil in the water for about 45 minutes.

Insert a toothpick into the sausage and make sure that it comes out clean. Cut off the cotton strings and serve warm with mixed salt and pepper or your favorite dip.

 Vietnamese Pig Blood  Soup – Tiet Canh:

Among top blood-based dishes, Vietnamese blood Tiet Canh is a familiar dish for the locals of Vietnam. You can use the blood of a duck, pig, or goose with its meat. If you’re looking for an impressive and distinctive soup recipe, this soup is for you!


◻ 1 duck (or pig, or goose)

◻ 1/4 cup vinegar

◻ 1 cup fresh blood

◻ 1/2 kg finely chopped meat with innards (duck, geese, or pig)

◻ 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)

◻ 4 tbsp fish sauce

◻ 5 tbsp crushed peanuts

◻ 1 stalk chopped celery

◻ Mint and coriander for garnish

◻ 2 tbsp flour

◻ 1 small onion, chopped

◻ A few sprigs of parsley


Mix the fish sauce with the blood – the ratio is to add 4 tbsp of fish sauce with 1 liter of blood.

Finely chop the duck’s innards and put in a shallow pot. Sprinkle with crushed peanuts, chopped coriander, mint, and other herbs. On a medium heat, let the meat get tender. Dilute the blood and fish sauce with the watery broth left from the cooking and pour the mixture into the cooked meat.

Let the blood set in — the finished look of the dish will resemble a pizza. Let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours and take out before serving to return to a liquid state.

 Chinese Baijui Blood Cocktail :

Looking for a spooky drink for this Halloween? Cocktails are a refreshing addition to our Halloween parties when the kids are back after trick and treating. Let’s see how to prepare it.


◻ 40 ml Ming River (strong-aroma Baijui)

◻ 100 ml Tongue in Pest smoked Scottish tomato juice

◻ 10 ml lime juice

◻ 1 bar spoon of hazelnuts

◻ 15 ml homemade wasabi mix

◻ 2 dashes homemade pineapple tincture

◻ 1 pinch sea salt

◻ 2 pinches black pepper


Rim a 2/3 glass with turmeric and black pepper. Throw between tins with ice until it’s chilled and cold. Strain into 2/3 glass over ice. In the end, garnish with lemon wheel on the top of the glass, crushed hazelnuts, and cucumber ribbon dusted with smoked paprika. Serve this cocktail to your guests and gather praises from your loved ones!

Homemade Wasabi Mix:

◻ 1 bar spoon wasabi

◻ 25 ml Worcestershire sauce

◻ 15 ml Tabasco sauce hot sauce

Combine and stir until its mixed.

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 In Summary: 

The spooky season of Halloween is a great opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. Food brings people together and strengthens relationships. That’s why we’ve brought you these meals from around the globe to add some spice to your Halloween celebrations.


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We wish you a spooky weekend celebration!