Ancient Grains

August 8, 2018

Many of you have probably heard about ancient grains. In the last few years, they have had a resurgence in popularity. And while you may be familiar with the term, you may not have a lot of personal experience with them. If that is the case, this is the blog for you. We will be talking about what ancient grains are and why you should introduce them into your diet.

Ancient grains are named so aptly. These are certain types of grains that have not changed drastically since ancient times. Ancient grains have been used in ancient societies so for many of these grains you can eat as a Roman did or like a Mayan! Modern wheat and grains are often genetically modified to help produce a higher crop, highlight specific nutrients or to grow better in certain climates.

One of the most famous ancient grains is Quinoa. Where this is called a grain, it is actually a seed that is gluten-free, is high in fiber and potassium, and has all of the essential amino acids making it a complete protein. You can add quinoa to salads, soups and use it as a grain replacement. Another ancient grain that we love is freekeh. This grain originates from the middle east and has a nutty flavor. It is low on the glycemic index and is an excellent source of protein. You’ll enjoy the chewy texture in vegetable bowls as a rice substitution. Finally, we also like to recommend bulgar. This ancient grain comes from wheat and has more fiber than quinoa, buckwheat, corn or millet. It also cooks extremely fast, so if you are new to utilizing ancient grains, this is a good place to start.

Redlands Ranch market offers a variety of ancient grains and other grains all available in our bulk bins. We love to provide our customers with a variety of options to expand their cooking horizons. If you would like to try an ancient grain but are unsure if you will like it, just buy a small amount from our bins to work into one of your meals. We believe you will not be disappointed.